our store is now closed while our founder is on maternity leave

The term Matere ['Mat-air']
 refers to the essential matter or substance that something is composed of. This underpins the level of thought inherent in material selection and the full product journey. We value the idea that carefully considered style should not exist without equally scrutinised substance. 


Strong environmental values are intrinsic throughout everything we do. The full collection is produced in the UK, minimising the distance our products travel to reach us. Our paper-based materials have been sourced using proven sustainable forestry such as FSC certification. We ensure they are fully recyclable. 

We seek out unique materials that are formed using post-consumer waste and other waste products. The collection includes products made from recycled coffee cups, waste from the coffee roasting process, spent brewer's grain, leather offcuts retrieved from tanneries and plastics removed from the ocean.

Our range of desktop planners and notebooks are printed using vegetable-based inks by carbon balanced suppliers.


From our grass paper packaging labels to paper box filler, each aspect of our packaging has been scrutinised and refined to be highly sustainable and fully recyclable. 


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We are now closed while our founder is on maternity leave